Ref. 34361 Haus/Bebaubar in Ciutadella (City) Preis: 320.000 €

Zimmer: 3Badezimmer: 1Gartenm² construidos: 130m² de solar: 236
Front, Garden, Patio, Terrace - Haus/Bebaubar in Ciutadella (City) Küche - Haus/Bebaubar in Ciutadella (City) dining living room - Haus/Bebaubar in Ciutadella (City) living room - Haus/Bebaubar in Ciutadella (City) Haus/Bebaubar in Ciutadella (City) Bedroom 1 - Haus/Bebaubar in Ciutadella (City) Garden, Patio, Terrace - Haus/Bebaubar in Ciutadella (City) Garden, Patio, Terrace - Haus/Bebaubar in Ciutadella (City) Front, Garden, Patio, Terrace - Haus/Bebaubar in Ciutadella (City) Bedroom 2 - Haus/Bebaubar in Ciutadella (City)
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House in need of refurbishment a few meters from the old port of Ciudella.

Old house of 1960 on the outskirts of the Ciutadella, which is an opportunity to have a house of that time in the expansion zone of Ciutadella with the current conditions of habitability. Like the original and exceptional old houses in the middle of the buildings of the big cities, taking advantage of the style of tranquility of those years and the services of the present time.

It keeps the sloping roof throughout the building and a huge patio garden. With the possibility to mantain the original taste matching the personal taste of the modernity.

You can also consider the idea of ​​using the plot for a new project, as it is easy to demolish the present building. Being a corner you can build 100% of the plot. With the additional feature that it has about 28m. of facade, that gives a lot of light and ventilation to all the building. It is south-west orientation.

It can be built, in addition to basement, ground floor, first, second floor and loft with terraces. Due to the 28 meters of façade, they make it an attractive property both for business premises and for a residential house.

Optional adjoining ground floors at each end of the plot, that will extend the surface at street level in about 380m² more.
A city of palaces and the nobility, of old streets full of life and perfumed...
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A city of palaces and the nobility, of old streets full of life and perfumed by Italian refinement. Poets say that it is a jewel of stone that in its day was the capital of Menorca but which maintains its commercial prestige because it possesses the cathedral and its stately façades. The Sant Joan festivals in June turn the town wild and fill it with joy, with horses that trot with agility through its narrow streets. Its cosy harbour dances in the summer nights to the rhythm of the boats and restaurants, and is really exceptionally beautiful. 

Holen Sie wissen Ciutadella

Those who visit Menorca have stated that it is one of the paradises of the western Mediterranean, an island that history has always been an object of desire because of its strategic position and which now has ended up becoming one of the most attractive tourist destinations. However, it is not only a dream spot for holidays, but also for living. Menorca allows you to experience for yourself the quality of life that you had always imagined, through the combination of small details that make up its landscape, people, tranquillity, light, traditions and fine food.

Geographically, Menorca is the easternmost and northernmost island of the Balearic Islands, declared a Biosphere Reserve in 1993 by UNESCO. It has a coastline  of 701 km² and 216 kilometres of, along which are distributed more than 70 beaches. Blessed with a typically Mediterranean climate with annual average temperatures of 16.5 degrees, it currently has a population of 96,000, concentrated into eight districts: Maó (administrative capital of the island), Ciutadella (the old capital), Alaior, Ferreries, Es Mercadal, Es Castell, Sant Lluís and Es Migjorn Gran. There are three other towns, Sant Climent, Llucmaçanes and Fornells, the first two in the district of Maó and the other in Es Mercadal. Maó, located in the east, and Ciutadella, in the west, are the two most inhabited towns on the island.

Socio-economically, unlike the other islands of the Balearic archipelago, Menorca has, over time, had the good fortune to be able maintain a perfect balance between the  traditional industries of footwear, costume jewellery and agriculture favouring the gentle development of the tourist sector and thus enabling the island to preserve its countryside and beaches. This environmental sensitivity still exists among all its inhabitants,  guaranteeing a unique setting, perfect for family, sports and cultural tourism.

Holen Sie wissen Menorca

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