Bonnin Sanso’s Commercial Director motivates Future Professionals at the Joan Ramis i Ramis Institute

A memorable day for the students of the Joan Ramis i Ramis Institute, the Commercial Director of Bonnin Sanso, a prestigious family business established in 1988, has returned to the classrooms to share his extensive experience and knowledge with the future generation. This interaction with the High School’s 2nd year students served not only as a platform for experience sharing but also as a source of inspiration for those on the brink of commencing their professional journeys.

The accomplished director, with a distinguished career in the business and academic world, explained his training approach, underscoring the significance of ongoing learning. Actively pursuing a master’s degree at Sales Business School, he has demonstrated to students that the journey of growth and learning remains perpetual, even for accomplished professionals.

The session focussed on Bonnin Sanso’s business model. Established in 1988, this family business has experienced remarkable growth, overseeing six offices and employing a workforce of over 35 people. With an operation involving more than 400 intermediaries in the previous year, Bonnin Sanso has solidified its position as the leading Real Estate Group in Menorca. This success story offers students a pragmatic and inspiring perspective of the business world.

The director’s visit provided students with a unique opportunity to glimpse into the business and real estate sectors. Emphasizing values like dedication, effort, and adaptability, he underscored their significance on the journey to success. Additionally, he highlighted the essential role of education and ongoing training in attaining both professional and personal goals.

The students greeted the presentation with enthusiasm and curiosity, actively participating with questions. Such direct interactions with established professionals not only enhance their education but also offer valuable insights into the opportunities and challenges of the working world.

In summary, the visit of Bonnin Sanso’s Commercial Director to the Joan Ramis i Ramis Institute in Mahón was more than an informative talk; it served as a source of inspiration and a glimpse into the possibilities that the future can offer for these young students.

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