Talayotic village of Binissafullet

Bonnin Sansó
January 13, 2020
On our Talayotic journey today we will learn about the town of Binissafullet, located in the municipality of Sant Lluís, next to the road leading to the urbanization of Binissafúller. It is a prehistoric site occupying an area of ​​some six thousand square metres. In […]

Island Games, the Olympics of the islands

Bonnin Sansó
January 10, 2020
Every two years, thousands of athletes from all over the planet, from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean, from the North Atlantic to the Caribbean, gather to compete in an international meeting known as the Island Games, the Games of the Islands.  An international event where all […]

Per la Mar Viva, the fight against plastic

Bonnin Sansó
January 8, 2020
One of the greatest environmental challenges facing humanity at the beginning of this century is the fight against plastic. Tons and tons of plastic and microplastic accumulate in our seas and oceans, generating serious damage to marine species and ecosystems that end up causing serious […]

Els Pastorells (the Shepherds), Christmas Theatre

Bonnin Sansó
December 11, 2019
Among the Christmas customs that have carried on for generations, religious theatre is prominent with the children’s version of angels, imps and shepherds. Each Christmas there is a production of “Els Pastorells” in various theatres on the island to see the birth of Jesus and the […]

Typical Menorcan Christmas Broth

Bonnin Sansó
December 9, 2019
Today we’re meeting in the kitchen of the wife of Xisco Pons, Manager of Bonnin Sanso. Maria Elena Yela Morales loves cooking and is going to show us how to make a very special recipe she learnt from her mother-in-law.  This is a Christmas broth which […]

Charitable gifts for Christmas

Bonnin Sansó
December 3, 2019
In Discovery Menorca we like to suggest original ideas for Christmas presents. We have already written about ecological gifts, something useful that wouldn’t have a direct impact on our planet and we even gave some examples of recycled gifts that we could make at home. […]

Mushrooms of Menorca II

Bonnin Sansó
November 27, 2019
After the success of the blog about mushrooms in Menorca, we thought we’d write about a few more species that can be found on our island. These won’t be the best known but are still edible and some of them have a high culinary value. […]

Talayotic Menorca: Necropolis of Cala Morell

Bonnin Sansó
November 22, 2019
Necropolises were places to bury the dead in pre-Christian cultures or villages. Talayotic Menorca has a very important nucleus in Cales Coves, with more than a hundred burial caves but today we are stopping at the necropolis of Cala Morell, one of the most spectacular […]

Second itinerary of the Albufera des Grau

Bonnin Sansó
November 15, 2019
We continue with the routes through the Albufera des Grau. After the first itinerary through Sa Gola that we published a few days ago, we continue through the Mirador de Cala Llimpa which runs through the southeast part of the lagoon with its outstanding scenery. […]

From the countryside to the town

Bonnin Sansó
November 11, 2019
Today we would like to share one of those endearing stories that we sometimes hear from our clients.  We helped Carme sell her house in the country and buy a village house and this is her story. Over thirty years ago she lived in Catalonia but […]

Do you know the mushrooms of Menorca?

Bonnin Sansó
November 4, 2019
With the beginning of autumn and traditionally the wettest months of the year between October and December, one of the most popular Menorcan pastimes at this time of year, mushroom picking, starts.  The most sought after are the chanterelles, known as esclatasangs, greatly appreciated in […]

Three coves for swimming in October

Bonnin Sansó
October 28, 2019
October is a very peaceful month in Menorca when you can not only enjoy Menorca’s landscape, food and culture but also its beaches with the sea at a pleasant temperature for bathing. October’s thermometer moves between a minimum of 16 degrees at night to 23 […]

Three itineraries for the Albufera des Grau

Bonnin Sansó
October 7, 2019
In DiscoveryMenorca we always like to be able to offer different ways of getting to know the Island.  We have started our blog with a description of three interesting routes through the Albufera des Grau, a nature park of 5,006 hectares situated in the north […]

Talayotic Menorca: Naveta des Tudons

Bonnin Sansó
October 4, 2019
The Naveta des Tudons is the best known Talayotic monument in Menorca and is probably one of the top ten most visited.  Situated a few kilometres from the entrance of Ciutadella, easily accessible from the main Mahón road and with convenient parking, means that it […]

August’s most visited house

Bonnin Sansó
September 27, 2019
The house that has received the most internet visits during the month of August is a house in the centre of Mahón. The property, in need of renovation, is almost 120 m2 and has three bedrooms, a bathroom and garage standing on a plot of […]

Who do I buy a flat from?

Bonnin Sansó
September 18, 2019
My partner and I would like to stop being nomads and buy a flat. It would be our dream. We both know that there are three possibilities to make it happen. Get in touch with someone who wants to sell their home without going through […]

Three spectacular sunsets in the south of Menorca

Bonnin Sansó
September 18, 2019
Binibeca: As well as being a well-known fishing village, the urbanisation of Binibeca is one of the most wonderful places in Menorca to watch a sunset.  It is picture perfect and worthy of a thousand photos. With its white sand and crystal clear waters, Binibeca is […]

Summer markets in Menorca

Bonnin Sansó
September 18, 2019
If you enjoy visiting markets and street markets, Menorca has a lot to offer you. Throughout the year, but especially in summer, there are a wide variety of places full of island handicrafts, clothing or accessories as well as fresh locally produced food products. The […]
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