Rescue and hope in Menorca: Interview with Sam Lake of Trebaluger Equine Rescue Centre

The Trebaluger Equine Rescue Centre, located in Menorca, has established itself as a vital refuge for abandoned and abused animals. We spoke to Sam Lake, founder and director of the centre, to find out about the shelter’s current situation, its daily challenges and how the community can support its remarkable cause.

How is the association doing right now?

The centre is growing day by day. I receive more and more calls from people who see animals in danger or from people who don’t want to or can’t take care of the animals they have. I am in the process of contacting all the local councils through the Consell Insular de Menorca to see what can be done to help. It is gratifying to see how the community is getting more involved, but the demand and need for resources is also increasing.

How many animals do you have now?

Currently, we have 34 equines, including 24 horses and 10 donkeys. In addition, we look after approximately 20 cats, chickens, ducks, a pig and a dog. Each of them requires specific attention and care, which makes our work ongoing and challenging.

What is your situation?

It is very hard work and I have struggled alone here for most of this winter. However, now more volunteers are starting to help, which is great, and people are showing interest. The animals need the same care, whether it’s just me or 10 people helping. The burden is great, but the recent support from volunteers has been a significant relief.

How was the agreement reached with Juan Torres for Bonnin Sansó to waive the rent until the end of the year?

I’m not sure of the exact details, you would have to ask Juan! He came to the centre and gave me the great news. It was an incredible surprise and a gesture that shows great empathy and understanding for our cause.

What has this meant for the association?

It means that I have €408 less per month to raise through donations from people, which takes some of the stress away! These funds can now go towards running costs, which amount to approximately €3,000 per month. This financial support gives us some breathing space and allows us to focus more on the direct care of the animals.

How can people help the association?

The centre needs regular volunteers who can commit to working a minimum of 2 hours a week. You can also contribute to our costs through our website or join us on Teaming, which is an excellent and easy action. We welcome any form of support, be it time, money or spreading the word about our cause.

We love visitors and it´s a great pleasure to tell people about the animals and wonderful to see the transformation in them, from how they arrive at the centre to how they live now. We are open every day from 09:30 to 12:30 and are always happy to welcome those who want to learn about our work and our residents.

For more information and to support Trebaluger Equine Rescue Centre, visit our Teaming page.

Centre’s contact details:

Instagram: @trebalugerequinerescuecenter
Facebook: fb/trebalugerequinerescue
WhatsApp: +34 689 802 108

Your support can make a difference in the lives of these animals – join the cause and help give them a better future!

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