Explore the new Co-ownership Sales Model by VIVLA with Bonnin Sanso: an innovative way to own a property without worries

In the real estate world, the concept of owning a second home is enticing but often comes with logistical and financial concerns. What if you could enjoy all the benefits of ownership without the usual worries? With VIVLA‘s new co-ownership sales model, it’s now possible.

What is Co-ownership?

Co-ownership offers an exciting and accessible alternative for those dreaming of owning a second home in exclusive holiday destinations in Spain. Instead of purchasing a property in the traditional format, buyers acquire a fraction of it, allowing them to enjoy all the amenities of a luxury home without bearing the full expenses for maintenance and management.

Advantages of the new co-ownership sales model:

  • Access to an Exclusive Network: By joining VIVLA, owners gain access to a network of homes in premium vacation destinations in Spain.
  • Full management:VIVLA takes care of all aspects of property maintenance and management, ensuring a worry-free experience..
  • Not Timeshare: Unlike traditional timeshare models, buyers acquire a fraction of their own property, with the freedom to sell it whenever they wish.
  • Fair reservation system:To resolve potential conflicts of use, VIVLA implements a rotating and equitable booking system among the owners.
  • Easy selling facilities: Selling your share is straightforward, with options for guaranteed repurchase and professional assistance in the selling process.

Properties for sale available at Bonnin Sanso.

  • Coves Villa in Coves Noves, Menorca: A newly built property with sea views, private pool and communal areas for entertaining family and friends.

  • Predio de Sa Fua in Binisafua Rotters, Menorca: Inspired by sustainability, this villa offers an unparalleled lifestyle in a natural setting with stunning panoramic views.

  • Sa Llosa Homes Chalet in Son Parc, Menorca: Boasting superior quality and modern conveniences, this detached villa introduces a new standard of comfort and quality on the island.

Discover the luxury and exclusivity of co-ownership. For further information, don’t hesitate to enquire about all the details regarding these properties and more at copropiedad@bonninsanso.com.

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