Julia Thielebein, our Project Manager

Julia Thielebein is Head of Project Management at Bonnin Sanso. You could even say that she is a kind of fairy tale godmother, as she will help you capture your vision of your dream home and will take care of the entire construction or refurbish process so that everything is just perfect!

Project Management is an exclusive service that we at the Bonnin Sanso estate agency, offer, it consists of the coordination and supervision of projects and building so that the interests of the owners are covered, and so that they can also be up to date with all the progress, even if it is from distance.

The latest projects

The main tasks of the Project Manager

  • Opportunity analysis
  • Location of available properties and land
  • Management of reports and permits in public administrations
  • Selection of architects
  • Project coordination
  • Job supervision
  • Control and minimisation of costs
  • “Day to day” follow up

A bit more about Julia Thielebein

Julia is an architect and designer, born in Germany who studied architecture at the University of Hannover and Montpellier. She has a Master in Urban Management from the University of Rotterdam and had worked in Yemen as an expert in urban development, as well as having worked in various architectural firms.

Interview with Julia Thielebein

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