Boating slipways in Menorca

Size does not matter … when you have a slipway nearby. Menorca from the sea is beautiful and you can launch any small boat into the water without too many problems. Today we want to talk about the slipways and ramps that are spread throughout the island but first, perhaps it will be worth explaining what we are talking about, for those less experienced sailors. A slipway, as the name implies, is an inclined plane which the trailer and boat can reach, so that the boat can be launched into the sea.

Here is the list of slipways in Menorca:

Fornells: located in the port of Fornells. It is wide, sloping and free. In summer it can be in high demand.

Port d’Addaia: The port manages a slipway in good condition and charges about € 7 per manoeuver. You can also leave the trailer which costs about € 2.

Cala Molí: located at the bottom of the cove, is a ramp about 5 meters wide, easy and free. There is an esplanade a few meters away where you can leave the car and the trailer.

Es Grau: this urbanization has different slipways, the widest of which is the one in front of the Plaza de Cala Tap. Very comfortable, free and easy to manoeuver.

calesFonts - Boating slipways in Menorca

Port of Mahón: there are many slipways around this huge port. We highlight those of Fonduco, Cala Corb or Cales Fonts. All are free.

Cala Sant Esteve: in the southern corner of the cove is a very comfortable and free ramp. There is space to leave the car and trailer, but in summer it can be full.

S’Algar: on the Paseo Marítimo there is a narrow ramp but most suitable for light sailing boats.

Biniancolla: the most comfortable ramp is the one at the bottom of the cove, on the Paseo Marítimo. All are free.

Club Náutico Binibequer – Cala Torret: there are two free ramps. The Yacht Club also has a crane.

Rampa del Caló d’en Fust de Binibeca Vell: in front of the village there is a comfortable and free ramp.

Binissafulller- Caló de sa Barca: in front of the Yacht Club there is a small free launch ramp.

Es Canutells: this urbanization has a slipway with a steep slope but with a wall at the end that facilitates the manoeuver.

Calanporter - Boating slipways in Menorca

Cala en Porter: at the end of the road next to the beach you will find a wide ramp, a little slope and it is free.

Sant Tomàs: to the east of the beach there is a good, comfortable and free ramp, but on days when the wind comes from the south, it can complicate the manoeuver.

Cala Galdana: at the end of the stream is a great slipway,  7 meters wide, with a little slope and free usage. The difficulty can be in finding a parking space in high season.

Cala’n Bosc: at the bottom of the marina there is the widest ramp, which costs € 5 to use.

PortCiutadella - Boating slipways in Menorca

Port of Ciutadella: at the bottom of the port there is a wide ramp and easy slipway. It is free and you can easily park your car and trailer in Es Pla.

Cala Morell: there is a small yacht club that manages a small ramp and the crane. To access it, you have to pass a barrier.

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