Constant personal improvement: Bonnin Sanso receives training with Roway’s coach Rocío Rodríguez

Bonnin Sanso’s team participated in a productive, professional and personal assessment training led by Rocío Rodríguez, Roway‘s coach. This training has proved to be an eye-opening experience, where each member has been able to heighten their self-awareness and understanding of the people around them.  Under Rocío’s expert guidance, we have explored the dynamics of effective communication, natural behaviour and personal needs, key tools to strengthen our daily interactions.

The enthusiastic participation of Bonnin Sanso’s entire team has been essential for the success of this activity. From the beginning, all the members of the team have been committed and receptive, enjoying the process. We are convinced that the knowledge acquired will be reflected in a significant improvement in our day-to-day work.

We are driven by the certainty that, by holding these valuable coaching sessions, we will encourage continuous collective development. This will allow us to maintain and improve our commitment to offer a service marked by professional excellence and human qualities, thus satisfying our clients’ expectations.

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