From the countryside to the town

Today we would like to share one of those endearing stories that we sometimes hear from our clients.  We helped Carme sell her house in the country and buy a village house and this is her story. Over thirty years ago she lived in Catalonia but decided to sell her business and come to live in Menorca.  The island seemed an ideal place to bring up her two children.

She had always wanted to live close to nature and so bought an isolated house in the country.  They loved the tranquillity, the silence and the remoteness from the noise of town centres – it was a positive way of family living.  They always travelled by car to work, to go shopping, to take the children to school as well to their extracurricular activities.

Over time their needs changed and everything that she had thought of as a negative in a town centre now seemed a positive – the noise of neighbours, familiar faces she meets on the street, a taxi rank in case she needs it and being able to walk to the shops.  “When you see 70 looming around the corner these are the things that you have to think about. You’re still strong enough to pack up a large house with all its memories and young enough to move and take on a new project.  It’s nice to renovate and decorate your home again” Carme explains with a big smile.

She now lives in the same municipality – Sant Lluis – but this time in the town in a house with a garden and pool. A house that suits her now.  She likes to go out shopping in the morning, chat to people and do everything that she didn’t think she would ever do.  This is the story she told us when we met.

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