Outstanding success for Bonnin Sanso at the SIMA 2024 Real Estate Exhibition

Bonnin Sanso celebrates another successful year at the prestigious SIMA 2024 Real Estate Exhibition, held at IFEMA Madrid from May 22 to 25. This edition has been particularly remarkable, not only due to the significant influx of visitors but also because of the interest shown in our developments and the consolidation of Menorca as a preferred destination for real estate investment.

SIMA 2024 concluded with over 19,000 visitors, marking a 19% increase from the previous year. This surge in attendance underscores the event’s success and highlights the growing interest in the Spanish real estate market.

Based on SIMA data, the visitor profiles are notably as follows:

  • Primary Residence Buyers (63%): The majority of visitors were first-time homebuyers, interested in finding their ideal home 
  • Second Home Buyers (13%): The second home buyer profile saw a three-point increase compared to the previous year.
  • Investors (22%): The investor profile held steady, representing one-fifth of the overall visitor count

Bonnin Sanso, in partnership with Neinor Homes, unveiled the exclusive Sa Llosa Homes development in Son Parc, Menorca. This project captured the interest of numerous visitors, drawn by the enticing opportunities both for investment and residency. Menorca, renowned for its natural beauty and high quality of life, retained its prominence as a key attraction throughout the event.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all attendees of IFEMA Madrid, as well as our partners, exhibitors, and collaborators, whose support and participation have been indispensable to the success of this edition

We are thrilled with the results achieved and anticipate further promotion of Menorca as a top-tier real estate destination. Join us next year at SIMA 2025 for more updates and opportunities for all our clients and visitors!

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