Gewerbliches Lokal bis Mieten in Menorca

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Gewerbliches Lokal in Ciutadella Centro Urbano

 Good sized commercial premises of approx. 172m² with plenty of potential owing to its location and its large window display. There are two toilets, one of them for the disabled and a storage room....

m² construidos: 172
Mietpreis: 1.800 € / monat
Gewerbliches Lokal in Mahon Centro

Local comercial en Plaza Príncipe de Mahón, de unos 30m2 aprox, ideal para oficina, consulta médica, etc. Suelo de parquet, aire acondicionado y baño comunitario. Dispone de dos entradas, una en la...

Klimaanlagem² construidos: 30
Mietpreis: 380 € / monat
Gewerbliches Lokal in Mahon Centro

Local completamente reformado en segundo piso sin ascensor, en la Plaza Príncipe de Mahón. Ideal para oficinas, es muy luminoso, tiene aproximadamente 50 m2. Baño comunitario y aire acondicionado.

Mietpreis: 490 € / monat
Gewerbliches Lokal/Gewerbliches Lokal/Gewerbliches Lokal in Mahón (City)

Amplio local en planta baja de aproximadamente unos 127 m2 más 25 m2 de patio, en calle Barcelona de Mahón. Cuenta con varias dependencias, gran sala, patio, y trasteros. 

Badezimmer: 1m² construidos: 127
Mietpreis: 500 € / monat
Bar/restaurant/Gewerbliches Lokal in Mahon Centro

Business premises of more than 60 m2 in the residential area of Mahón. It was previously a bar/cafeteria but it could have a change of use subject to regulations. Possibility of rent or sale. Contact...

Badezimmer: 2m² construidos: 64
Mietpreis: 500 € / monat
Gewerbliches Lokal in Mahon Centro

Local de unos 230m2 en primera planta con ascensor, en el centro de Mahón, ubicado en un moderno edificio comercial. Dispone de 4 amplios despachos, sala de reuniones, recepción, almacén/trastero, dos...

Zimmer: 4Badezimmer: 2MöblietKlimaanlagem² construidos: 230Ascensor: Sí
Mietpreis: 1.750 € / monat
Paarkplatz/Gewerbliches Lokal/Betrieb/Gewerbliches Lokal/Gewerbliches Lokal/Gewerbliches Lokal in Fornells

Great commercial space for rent, centrally located in the popular fishing village of Fornells. Its considerable space of 255m² gives the possibility of many types of activity. Currently it has a license...

m² construidos: 365
Mietpreis: 1.500 € / monat
Gewerbliches Lokal in Ciutadella (City)

Commercial premises in a commercial area, suitable for all kinds of business, approx. 60m², to reform completely.

Badezimmer: 1m² construidos: 60
Verkaufspreis: 100.000 €
Mietpreis: 500 € / monat
Gewerbliches Lokal in Sant Lluis Centro

Business premises of 95 square meters in perfect condition in ideally situated with large shop frontage easily noticed by all on the busy avenida bypass. Close to all other facilities in the center of...

m² construidos: 95
Verkaufspreis: 150.000 €
Verkaufspreis (vorher): 160.000 €
Mietpreis: 600 € / monat
Gewerbliches Lokal/Betrieb/Gewerbliches Lokal/Gebäude in Mahón Polígono

This modern building is located on one of the busiest roads on the Industrial Estate where the road to the airport, the main road to Mahon and the road to the Port converge. Built in 2008, it has modern...

Badezimmer: 2ParkplatzAscensor: Sí
Mietpreis: 6.000 € / monat
Gewerbliches Lokal in Mahon Centro

Commercial premises in the best tourist pedestrian area in the heart of the town of Mahon, the capital of Menorca. Reformed a short time ago it is a real opportunity for any important establishment on...

m² construidos: 163
Mietpreis: 2.800 € / monat
Mietpreis (vorher): 3.500 € / monat
Gewerbliches Lokal/Bebaubar in Mahón Polígono

Interesting opportunity to acquire building land of over 4,000 m² with small warehouse (built in 2007) of some 200 m², located in an area of expanse in zone IV on Mahon's industrial estate. Designated...

Badezimmer: 1m² construidos: 200m² de solar: 4010
Verkaufspreis: 650.000 €
Mietpreis: 1.500 € / monat
Gewerbliches Lokal in Ciutadella Centro Urbano

Local about 140m², with a great glass facade, in an area with a lot of pedestrian traffic and has had a business in full operation so far.

For the location and its surface is ideal for any type of...

Badezimmer: 1m² construidos: 140
Verkaufspreis: 160.000 €
Mietpreis: 550 € / monat
Gewerbliches Lokal in Ciutadella (City)

A few metres from the old town of Ciutadella, but situated in a very busy area is this huge commercial space of nearly 195m², an ideal place to set up a successful restaurant.
Large areas for seating,...

m² construidos: 195
Verkaufspreis: 219.000 €
Mietpreis: 900 € / monat
Gewerbliches Lokal/Betrieb in Mahón (City)

Spacious business premises with great potential in the area of Avenida Menorca, established residential and retail area in Mahon. It has more than 640 m² spread over three storeys, ground floor and a...

Zimmer: 5Badezimmer: 2MöblietKlimaanlagem² construidos: 643
Verkaufspreis: 415.000 €
Mietpreis: 1.500 € / monat

Modern building located on one of the busy roads in the Industrial Estate of Mahón, with the two main accesses to Mahón, from airport, the main road and the port of Mahón. Built in 2008, it has modern...

Badezimmer: 2Parkplatzm² construidos: 1148m² de solar: 487Ascensor: Sí
Mietpreis: 4.500 € / monat
Gewerbliches Lokal/Betrieb in Mahón Polígono

Modern premises situated on one of the main roads that generates more traffic in the Industrial Estate of Mahón, given its joining of the two main accesses to Mahón, from the airport, main road and port...

KlimaanlageHeizungParkplatzm² construidos: 265
Mietpreis: 2.500 € / monat
Gewerbliches Lokal/Betrieb/Sonstige in Mahon Centro

Commercial premises of 49sq mt plus vaulted basement of about 50sq mt, bright and ready for opening to the public. Air conditioning through ducts. Ideal for office.

Klimaanlagem² construidos: 104
Mietpreis: 600 € / monat
Gewerbliches Lokal in Mahon Centro

Premises for rent in the centre of Mahón, on the corner of the pedestrian street of S'Arravaleta and easily seen.
There is 168m² on the ground floor, with a patio and basement. Ideal for shop or local...

Badezimmer: 1m² construidos: 168
Mietpreis: 1.700 € / monat
Mietpreis (vorher): 2.200 € / monat
Gewerbliches Lokal/Betrieb in Mahón Polígono

Three storey industrial unit with approximately 1,400m². Situated in an unbeatable spot, in front of the main road that leads to and from the Mahon airport. This modern warehouse, which was built in...

Badezimmer: 2KlimaanlageHeizungParkplatzm² construidos: 1475
Verkaufspreis: 933.300 €
Verkaufspreis (vorher): 1.037.000 €
Mietpreis: 2.450 € / monat
Gewerbliches Lokal/Betrieb/Gebäude in Mahon Centro

Fantastic commercial premises with a beautiful facade and great visibility located in the centre of Mahon.
The premises is 95m² with a basement of 40m² and a first floor of 95m². It can be accessed...

Mietpreis: 3.500 € / monat
Gewerbliches Lokal/Betrieb in Mahon Centro

Commercial premises of more than 100 m², in addition to a back patio of 45 m², located in the residential area of Avenida Menorca, very close to Plaza Explanada and downtown area of Mahón. It has a...

KlimaanlageHeizungm² construidos: 108
Verkaufspreis: 130.000 €
Verkaufspreis (vorher): 150.000 €
Mietpreis: 700 € / monat
Bar/restaurant/Gewerbliches Lokal/Betrieb in Mahon Malbuger

Commercial premises of 140m² situated in the Plaza Biosfera de Malbuger. The premises is currently empty which allows this space to be used for various different business ventures, including but not...

Badezimmer: 2KlimaanlageHeizungm² construidos: 140
Verkaufspreis: Auf Anfrage
Mietpreis: 1.200 € / monat
Gewerbliches Lokal/Betrieb/Sonstige/Gebäude in Mahón Polígono

Commercial building in the city of Mahon, former premises occupied by the first large hypermarket on the island and with an unbeatable location right on the main access to the city from the harbour,...

KlimaanlageHeizungParkplatzm² construidos: 2599m² de solar: 4578
Verkaufspreis: 2.660.000 €
Mietpreis: 13.000 € / monat
Gewerbliches Lokal in Es Castell Polígono

A large industrial premises of 888m² with easy access, built on 769 m².the offices are on the first floor as is a store room. All the frontage which is on a corner has large windows, but there is a...

Badezimmer: 2m² construidos: 888m² de solar: 769
Verkaufspreis: 545.000 €
Verkaufspreis (vorher): 595.000 €
Mietpreis: 1.350 € / monat
Bar/restaurant/Gewerbliches Lokal in Mahón (City)

Local comercial de aproximadamente103 m², más terraza de 70 m², ubicado en la principal plaza del centro de Mahón. Se encuentra sin muebles ni equipamientos.

m² construidos: 173
Mietpreis: 1.000 € / monat
Gewerbliches Lokal in Mahón (City)

Business premises on the ground floor of 118m² with two entrances from the street, ideal as offices.

m² construidos: 118
Verkaufspreis: 70.000 €
Mietpreis: Auf Anfrage
Bar/restaurant/Gewerbliches Lokal/Betrieb in Calan Porter

Magnifico local con amplias terrazas en zona comercial justo en la bajada a la playa de Cala'n Porter y frente a la zona de servicios del Ayuntamiento. Gran local equipado completamente como bar –...

Badezimmer: 2Poolm² construidos: 295
Verkaufspreis: 360.000 €
Verkaufspreis (vorher): 430.000 €
Mietpreis: 15.000 € / monat
Gewerbliches Lokal/Betrieb in Mahón (City)

Commercial premises for rent, with a built area of 89.65m². Option to rent with parking in the same building.

m² construidos: 90
Verkaufspreis: 94.000 €
Verkaufspreis (vorher): 165.000 €
Mietpreis: 950 € / monat
Gewerbliches Lokal/Betrieb in Ciutadella Centro Urbano

Commercial premises of approx 60m², including a cloakroom.

m² construidos: 67
Verkaufspreis: 175.700 €
Mietpreis: 500 € / monat
Mietpreis (vorher): 700 € / monat
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