After 30 years, we continue to be the point of reference for real estate

Proud to celebrate our 30th anniversary, today we look back to explore how our journey has developed across these three decades. As a group, Bonnin Sansó has always considered ourselves pioneers and the first point of reference in the real estate sector in Menorca, because when we decided to open our first office in Menorca Avenue in Maó, we were among the first. At that time, the companies that were engaged in the brokerage of real estate on the island were scarce and Mallorcan Francisco de Asís Bonnin Sansó (hence our name) came to Mahon to expand the business he had opened in Palma. Bonnin decided to contact our current president Juan Torres, who had been in the construction business for more than fifteen years. The first office was opened in 1988 with six employees, starting an adventure with the objective of helping to make the dream of having a home in Menorca, a reality, but supported by authority, service and professionalism. Three years later, we joined forces with the businessman Colin Guanaria, who at that time was managing an estate agency in Es Castell. The partnership with Guanaria allowed us to get closer to the British market, very important in Menorca given its historic relationship. A year later we expanded to Ciutadella with the opening of the third office, as part of a strategic plan to offer our services throughout the Island.

sociosBonnin - After 30 years, we continue to be the point of reference for real estate

Juan Torres and Colin Guanaria

In 1996, the group decided to take another strategic step with the transfer of its main offices to the heart of Maó, right in the middle of the commercial center. The purchase of some premises in Carrer Nou made it possible for us to have an optimal location at street level, allowing us to be the centre of attention of passers-by. The development was carried out in two phases, going on to create a building with three floors and a total of 400 square meters. This location also helped us to take better advantage of the great takeoff of the real estate market in 2000, when the regulations required to be a property agent were released, creating the opening of 60 real estate agencies. At company level, this coincided with the retirement of the Majorcan partner Bonnin Sansó, making Juan Torres and Colin Guanaria majority shareholders, taking over the management of the Palma offices and at the same time, opening two more in Port de Pollença and Cala Millor, on Mallorca. These circumstances led to the creation of an internal management structure to manage the entire group, and commercial manager Kerry Phillips, from the banking sector and the daughter of the group president, joined.

EquipodirectivoBonnin - After 30 years, we continue to be the point of reference for real estate

Management team of Bonnin Sanso

In 2003 expansion continued on Menorca with the opening of a new office in Es Mercadal and three years later, again in Es Castell but in a different location. At that time the Bonnin Sansó group already had seven offices and a staff of almost 40 people. The close relationship with the British market also opened the door to international specialisation for other countries such as France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, with the employment of native speakers on the staff as well as continuous training in languages ​​that helped to create an international sales team.

The incorporation of Juan Mateo Torres in 2010 as assistant director and Verónica Torres, children of the senior Torres, as managers of the Ciutadella office, completed the family incorporation to the group whose CEO is Xisco Pons.

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