Birthday party celebrating three decades of leadership

Bonnin Sanso celebrated its 30th anniversary surrounded by friends in the gardens of Alcaufar Vell and announced a new office opening in Sant Lluís.

More than 200 people joined Bonnin Sanso’s 30thanniversary celebration party last Saturday, held in the gardens of Alcaufar Vell.

This was a party that the Menorcan company wanted to organize to show their appreciation of their three decades of leadership in the market but, above all, of fulfilling a commitment to so many people by making the dream of buying a home in Menorca a possibility.

The actor and theatrical director, Josema Yuste, did not want to miss the appointment. He is an example of a client who trusted Bonnin Sanso to sell his property on the island and from this commercial relationship a great personal friendship emerged with Juan Torres, president and co-owner of the Estate Agency.

An emotional Juan Torres spoke about the journey of these past thirty years, from the very beginning with his wife, Sue Elder and his partner, Colin Guanaria, to the continual growth they had experienced thanks to the great team of people who were part of Bonnin Sansó and who he considered as part of his family and the pride he felt every time he received letters of thanks from satisfied customers. He also took the opportunity to announce that the estate agency was planning to open a new office in Sant Lluís shortly, which would be added to the five they have in Menorca and Mallorca.

There was entertainment for the evening with music from the Trio Arrels and there was a surprise when Juan Torres himself joined the singers and sang two typical Menorcan songs much to everyone’s delight. There were raffles and presents for everyone – a perfect anniversary party.

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