One of the star beaches of Menorca is undoubtedly Macarella on the South of the island.  Its idyllic image of white sand and crystal clear sea has meant thousands of tourists visiting every year.  This pilgrimage has had a devastating affect on the access road and caused the parking area to collapse. The owner has expressed his concerns to the press of the damage done to this area of outstanding natural beauty.

To overcome the damage that has been caused to this area, the Menorcan government has decided that the only access to this idyllic and now highly protected spot is by bus (encouraging the use of public transport) or by foot.

The Macarella Bus (as the service is known) will leave for the beach from the centre of Ciutadella every 40 minutes in the low season (from May to 15 June) and every 20 minutes in the high season (from 15 June to 16 September).  Departure times will be from 8.25 am to 19.45 pm in the low season and 8.05 am to 22.25 pm in the high season.  Tickets can be booked in advance on the web site  and the price of the return trip is €8.20.

Macarella will then be on the list of protected places where access by private vehicle is restricted –  the same as the Beach of the Cathedrals of Galicia, the natural parks of the Picos de Europa in Asturias and the Monte Perdido de Ordesa among many others.

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