For a more eco-friendly and sustainable future

Bonnin Sanso, increasingly committed to caring for the environment, has carried out a series of actions this last year to become more eco-friendly and sustainable.

At the beginning of 2020, the old van was replaced for a new category C van, upgrading its category in order to reduce the level of emissions and consumption.

During the same year, the material of the for-sale boards, which were of single-use only, was exchanged for a new longer lasting material. This way, the new for-sale boards have a longer life cycle and they can be re-used more than once.  A recycling area has also been set up in our offices, separating the most commonly used wastage such as plastics and cardboard.

With the Covid-19 situation and the required use of masks, reusable masks for up to 30 washes were selected, avoiding hence the daily wastage of single-use surgical masks (maximum 4 hours).


Finally, the 2020 Christmas hampers were provided in 100% reusable bags to avoid cardboard wastage and reducing the waste volume.


For this New Year 2021, our next aim is to install a water filter machine with the intention of avoiding the use and purchase of bottled water.

In summary, every action counts and that’s why we should implement more sustainable actions every day to reduce the ecological damage and look after our planet.

For this year 2021, do you have a New Year’s resolution that will help our planet?

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