How to entertain yourself at home

Covid-19 has paralyzed the entire world and to stop the pandemic as soon as possible, we have to be responsible and stay at home.  In this blog we have a few ideas of how you can entertain yourself at home.

  • Spend time reading; finish the half-finished book or start a new one.


  • Take advantage of doing physical exercises that we normally don’t have time to do in our busy routine. On YouTube you will find virtual classes of any physical activity. Physical movement will help you feel better and have more energy.


  • Learn to cook new recipes and take advantage of making those that need more time. We have several recipes for you.


  • Make crafts or paint a picture with acrylics – it encourages creativity and you will feel satisfied with your works of art.


  • Watch a series or a film.  Now is the time to watch your favourite programme again.


  • Take the opportunity to decorate, tidy and organize your favorite parts of the house.


  • Educate yourself by visiting the most beautiful museums online.  More and more museums are going online so that we can see works of art from our own home.  Here is the link to the Nacional Prado Museum in Madrid.


  • Listen to music and watch virtual concerts. The Instagram account @yomequedoencasafestival has had the initiative to organize virtual concerts.


  • Have a go at learning a new language. Today there are many options to learn languages ​​such as the Duolingo application, Busuu…


  • Play traditional games like cards, Ludo or Monopoly.


  • Contact your group of friends through Facetime, Skype or Whatsapp.


These are some ideas to entertain yourself at home and to help make these days go by faster.

Stay at home and stay safe!

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