Island Games, the Olympics of the islands

Every two years, thousands of athletes from all over the planet, from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean, from the North Atlantic to the Caribbean, gather to compete in an international meeting known as the Island Games, the Games of the Islands.  An international event where all sports disciplines are invited to participate and whose link is the fact that they live on an island.

The first event took place in 1985 on the Isle of Man but it took twenty two years before Menorca’s inclusion was officially approved.  The island’s debut took place on the Greek island of Rhodes in 2007 and, since then, the Menorcans have attended every event from Aland to the Isle of Wight, Bermuda, Jersey, Gotlando and this last year in Gibraltar.

Menorca has won 167 medals to date and we are now one of the most competitive islands.

In fact, the next step that Menorca aspires to is to one day become the headquarters of some Island Games, sharing with all the athletes of the 24 participating islands the good level of infrastructure available in any of the municipalities of Menorca. The idea of ​​being able to host more than 3,500 people related to different sports disciplines and to publicise the attractions that Menorca has to offer is a great challenge which we are working towards.

One of the most frequent participants during all these years of IGA Games has been our Director General, Juan Torres, who has competed in the discipline of Clay Pigeon shooting.  His aim has won Menorca more than one medal