Menorca is something supernatural

Josema Yuste, actor, comedian and presenter Landed on the Island forty years ago to perform with his partner under the stage name ‘Martes y Trece’ (Tuesday the 13th, our equivalent of Friday 13th!). He was only here for forty-eight hours but what he saw captivated him. He says it felt like stepping on to an unknown planet or being transported to another galaxy. Since then he has never missed a summer here. He loves to explore the North of the island, to sit in Fornells of an evening enjoying an ice cream and watching the world go by, and most of all getting together for memorable dinners with his gang of friends.

30 años haciendo amigos - Menorca is something supernatural

He is fortunate to have a friend with a sailing boat and he just loves sailing round to his favourite beach, Son Saura. Josema’s perfect day in Menorca would be to go to bed in his shorts and a T shirt on, and wake up with the wonderful feeling of not having anything in particular to do except to do what he enjoys the most! He is currently touring the theatres of Spain with hit comedy ‘Taxi’.

JosemaYusteCiutadella - Menorca is something supernatural

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