Business Training: Bonnin Sanso at Level Up’s ‘Restart your Business’ event in Barcelona

From 4th to the 6th October, Kerry Phillips, Financial Manager, and Jose Pons, Commercial Manager, of Bonnin Sanso, immersed themselves in a unique experience in Barcelona. Their destination was not only geographical, but also educational: the “Reinitiate your Business” course at Level Up, the country’s leading business school, designed for visionary entrepreneurs and SMEs.

The immersion in this training was not only an opportunity to gain knowledge, but also an experience that marked a before and after for Bonnin Sanso’s team. By meeting with professionals from all over Spain, Kerry and Jose shared a broad vision that has strengthened their approach to the strategic management of Menorca’s leading real estate company.

The experience was a key learning point. In an environment where different views converged, the management team soaked up fresh ideas and innovative strategies. The objective was clear: to equip themselves with the essential knowledge to lead in the competitive real estate world and consolidate Bonnin Sanso’s leading position in Menorca.

Jose Pons shared his enthusiasm: “The interaction with professionals from all over Spain has provided us with a wealth of experiences. We are committed to integrating these lessons into our business strategies for a continous evolution.

With a clear vision of consistent improvement, Bonnin Sanso’s team is committed to keep investing in its evolution. Learning is not complete; it is only the beginning to continue to move forward into the company’s future with renewed determination and a broader perspective than ever before.

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