Buying or selling a property with all the guarantees

It is called the fourth industrial revolution because of the change it has brought about in the way we have to relate, to communicate and to work.  Undoubtedly the internet has opened the door to a social and economic progress that generates an impact difficult to calculate regarding opportunities and costs.

We have seen it for a while in the property market sector, of which Bonnin Sanso has been part of for thirty years.

The liberalization, coupled with new technology, has led to a large number of people emerging as intermediaries using only a website and a computer and no actual office.

The professional body of real estate agents, of which we are a member, are astonished at this revolution where apparently the consumer should gain but unfortunately every day we hear of more cases in which a badly negotiated purchase has become a nightmare for the buyer or seller.

Placing one’s trust in an intermediary to negotiate an acquisition without considering its solvency, endorsements or whether it has the backing of a professional body, is counterproductive and goes against any caution we might have learnt in life.

We always recommend that before buying, selling or investing in a property you should check who you are dealing with and be assured that the transaction will have the guarantee, commitment and efficiency of a solvent professional.

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