The most popular properties on YouTube in 2023

In 2023, a set of extraordinary properties have caught the attention of YouTube viewers, accumulating thousands of views. These properties stand out not only for their architectural design and location but also for their rich historical background. Here are the top four most admired video properties:

Situated in the southern countryside of the former island´s capital, this estate boasts a fascinating blend of history and architecture. Originally, serving as a military gunpowder magazine before 1700, its transformation into a residence has preserved distinctive features such as the coat of arms adorned with a double-headed eagle and robust walls that ensure cool interiors during the summer. Referenced in Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria’s 19th-century book, “Die Balearen,” this property extends 40 hectares, encompassing livestock and agricultural structures. The highlight is its meticulously renovated ground floor, the upper levels offer exciting opportunities for further restoration, offering breathtaking panoramic views.


Nestled in the heart of Mahón, this distinctive property was formerly a church transformed into an exquisite family residence. With over 700 square meters, it boasts large open areas, high ceilings adorned with wooden beams, five bedrooms, bathrooms, spacious living areas, a well-appointed kitchen, and outdoor areas featuring terraces and a swimming pool. Its design seamlessly blends original architectural details with a modern and comfortable atmosphere, catering to those in pursuit of sophistication and elegance.


Situated on a quiet corner in Mahón, this semi-detached house, dating back to 1866 and once owned by a skilled cabinetmaker, exudes timeless charm. The finishes, influenced by Parisian aesthetics, showcase exquisite marquetry embellishing doors and windows, complemented by intricate ceiling moldings. Boasting a garden and two garages, the property is bathed in natural light, providing a versatile canvas for personalised improvements.


Situated in a highly ecologically valuable setting, this Menorcan estate features fertile, protected soils, holm oak forests, and cultivable meadows. Exemplifying Menorcan rural architecture, the house comprises the “casa del payés” on the ground floor and the “casa des Senyor” on the upper floor, along with amenities like a cheese dairy and storage rooms.


These properties distinguish themselves not just for their beauty and architectural distinctiveness, but also for seamlessly blending local history and culture with modern luxury and comfort. This unique combination positions them as standout features in the most viewed real estate videos of 2023.

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