Flowers and pure Mediterranean

I would like to share with readers of DiscoveryMenorca one of my favourite hobbies which often helps me to relax and enjoy life much more. To be precise, it involves looking after my terrace, on which I grow Mediterranean flowers, which maintain their splendour throughout the summer. Climbing flowers such as bougainvillea or blue jasmine, which have vibrant colours and just need watering; petunias and geraniums in wonderful pinks and jasmine that gives off a wonderful bouquet, which perfumes the air and which many apartments in Menorca share.

Flowers Menorca

I call it pure Mediterranean because it is the memory I always hold whenever I have to speak with my friends in England about my life in Menorca. In fact, the universe of flowers is so special and so beautiful that I feel quite privileged every day for being able to enjoy them so much. They are those corners of our terrace, however small, that we would definitely not change for anything in this world and in which we appreciate the simplest things, and which are sometimes the biggest.

Flowers Menorca

Pimms Talbot, commercial head in Mahón.

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