Interview with Fernando, an entrepreneur in times of pandemic

Today we would like to introduce you to Fernando, owner of the Herbalist “S’Illa Sana” and his new business “Sa Tanca” that he has recently opened together with his wife.

During the pandemic crisis Fernando and his wife decided to expand and open a new shop, “Sa Tanca” located in the square of s’Esplanada, in Mahón. The truth is that opening a business in full pandemic period is very brave, and they have been so.

Fernando had a clear objective: create a store that would sell all the natural products that Menorca has to offer in one same establishment. And we can confirm that they have succeeded!  In their store you will find a wide range of km0 farming products such as fruits, vegetables, a variety of typical menorquean sausages, etc. And of course, products that are the most natural as possible, since as Fernando mentions in the interview, people now value more the local produce and seek more natural products.

Following is the interview.

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