Who do I buy a flat from?

My partner and I would like to stop being nomads and buy a flat. It would be our dream. We both know that there are three possibilities to make it happen. Get in touch with someone who wants to sell their home without going through an intermediary, visit a bank – they now also sell property or go to an estate agent.

If you are not in a rush, it would be better to do it directly with a private individual. This will mean us doing the negotiating and we could face a high starting price depending on what the seller considers the flat is worth and we will have to take all the necessary steps to make the sale happen.  If it goes well and is not too complicated we will have saved paying any commission even if it takes longer.

The second option is the bank. Financial institutions also want to maximize the price to recover their investments but on the other hand, they know that behind the sale there is a mortgage and a lifelong relationship with us from a current account, life insurance and whatever arises. Their goal will be to leave us feeling that we have made the best possible deal.

Finally, if we want things to go faster, it is best to go to an estate agent. We know that a sales commission will have to be paid but the advantage will be that the price of the apartment will be in line with the reality of the market since the agency’s objective is to sell flats and not speculate with people. In addition, they will take care of everything and we can sleep peacefully.