A recipe for the fiestas of Menorca

The “Coca bamba” is a typical pudding eaten during the fiestas and shared with family and friends.  It can be served with either hot or cold chocolate, depending on taste and usually comes without the usual fillings of either cream or jam.  It is easy to make but takes time owing to the various fermentation processes.


150g peeled potatoes

200g sugar

2 eggs

25g fresh yeast

125g unsalted butter

500g flour

Boil the potatoes, drain and mash.  Put in a bowl with the sugar and mix well.  Put to one side.

In another bowl melt the yeast with the beaten eggs and butter, add the flour and potato mixture and mix well.

Cover with a tea towel and leave to rise for five hours. Knead and leave for another five hours then knead gently.

Leave once more for an hour, knead into shape and bake for 45 minutes at 175 degrees.

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