How do you make an avarca?

The avarca was and still is the typical footwear made in Menorca, based on an artesan skill that starts with the selection of the best skins, drawing patterns, cutting, sewing and finishing up with the final product and then shipping. A very hard-wearing footwear that was created for rural use but nowadays, kings wear them and they fit models on runways. But how is an avarca made?

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To find out, we went to the factory that MIBO COSITS has in Es Migjorn, the centre of Menorcan footwear,  from where the best tanners on the island have come. We met Miquel Pascual, manager and co-owner of the company with almost thirty years of experience.

The first person to get involved is the designer, he explained. Because inspiration never emerges from a blank piece of paper, the designer will draw the first sketch, make the first stroke. There’s a fine line between making the right or wrong design choice and then having to start again. From imagination comes beauty.

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Then the pattern designer gets involved. They say that the hardest task is to bring the idea to life. If the avarca is to be a modern brand, he has much to contribute.

And from creativity to precision, to the fineness of the perfect cut with the cutter. The skill of drawing the perfect shape is acquired over time.  The final product rests in his hands. This is the critical point. The smoothness of the leather that caresses the foot, the quality of the item is about to be born. The avarca, in its purest state.

And finally, the finisher will sew the avarcas with thick shoemaker’s thread. The final stage is the perfect assembly between the strap and the upper. With the newly created avarca, ready to join in a perfect partnership between the shoe and the foot.

Finally, when you leave MIBO COSITS  everyone will depart with a treasure on their feet.

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