Menjar Blanc of Menorca

To all you Foodies who like to follow our blog you will be delighted that today we’re going to talk about Gastronomic Menorca although this time it’s the monastic recipe of Menjar Blanc.  It’s a sweet cream, a typical pudding that is traditionally made during the Sant Joan fiestas.  Unlike the Menjar Blanc from other regions, in Menorca it has no almonds and its main ingredient is milk.

The main ingredients are sugar and rice which is why it is thought to have Arabic origins.  As for the etymology of the name – it is thought to   have come from the translation of “ispidba” into Spanish – “manjar blanco”.  The first written text documenting this dish can be found in a book called “Art de Cuina” by Fra Francesc Roger (1704-1764) in the chapter on “diverses cremes i menjar blanc” (various creams and dulce de leche).

Here is the recipe from that book:


3 lbs of milk (1.4 litres)

½ lb of sugar (230g)

4 oz of chopped starch (cornflour) (120g)

In a pot put 1.2 litres of milk, 230g sugar and heat, stirring continuously. Fra Roger’s version suggests adding cinnamon sticks and the zest of a lemon when it first comes to the boil to give flavour.

When it begins to boil add the cornflour and stir. When it thickens, remove from the heat.  If it is not thick enough return to the heat and continue stirring.



If it is too thick add the remaining milk.  Leave to go cold.