Six different Christmas home decorating styles

Today we propose six different styles to decorate your home at Christmas.

Golden Christmas

With the golden colour we create a glamorous and elegant style. If you select this theme, decorate the tree with gold adornments and glitter balls. Also, don’t forget to decorate some pieces of furniture or a centrepiece with ornaments of the same shade to create a magical atmosphere.

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Traditional Christmas

To decide on a red decoration theme with the typical Christmas prints, is a classic. With these colours you will be able to decorate your home in a more traditional style.  Fill the Christmas tree with red adornments in a tartan print. Oh! and don’t forget to add some more fun ornaments such as a sleighs, teddy bears, hearts etc. The little ones in the house will love them!

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Silver Christmas

Brighten your home with silver and white decorations. Decorate the tree with silver ornaments and add white stars and snowflakes.  In addition, to fill your home with light and warmth you can add wooden decorations for a more natural look. With these white shades and silver sparkles you will illuminate your tree that will surely be the centre of attention.

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Blue Christmas

Venture with the blue shades! Decorate your Christmas tree with metallic blue ornaments and combine them with others in a copper colour. This combination will create a special touch to your tree.  If you want to add a more rustic touch, you can also include natural pine cones.

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Pink Christmas

Decorate your home in pink shades creating a more delicate and sweet style. The secret to accomplish this is knowing how combine the pink ornaments; therefore add other white and silver decoration. As a result, you will provide light to the Christmas tree.

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Multicolour Christmas

Let yourself be carried away by the Christmas enthusiasm and bet on all colours.  Add ornaments of different tones and you will create a different, original and full of fantasy Christmas tree. Additionally, you can add various decorations such as trains, socks, reindeers, little houses….. not forgetting of course the Christmas tree colour lights.

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