Talayotic Menorca: Torrellafuda

Following our tour guide of the Talayotic towns of Menorca, today we visit Torrellafuda, situated in the municipality of Ciutadella, one kilometer south of the kilometric point 36 on the main Mahon/Ciutadella road. It is located in a forest of large olive trees that provide precious shade and a special charm.

The village of Torrellafuda has free admission and parking for about 10 or 15 cars. There is a taula enclosure, a talayot, parts of the walls, hypogeums, houses and an old Roman cistern.  The south side of the large talayot, on the highest part of the ground, has collapsed.  On the other side, the central column of the T of the taula enclosure has broken in two and fallen to the ground.

This village was excavated in the sixties and again in 2002.  A batch of lead sling bullets from the Roman period and some of the materials found in the first excavation are preserved in the Museum of Menorca.

Very close to this village is the village of Torretrencada which we have  talked about in a previous blog.

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