Talayotic village of Binissafullet

On our Talayotic journey today we will learn about the town of Binissafullet, located in the municipality of Sant Lluís, next to the road leading to the urbanization of Binissafúller. It is a prehistoric site occupying an area of ​​some six thousand square metres.

In Binissafullet, a talayot, a taula enclosure, a hypostyle hall and some houses are preserved. The talayot ​​is circular, about 15 metres in diameter. The taula enclosure is to the west of the talayot ​​and what makes it special is that it is different from the other taulas of Menorca. Its floor is quadrangular with rounded angles, built so as to take advantage of the wall of another building that already existed. In addition, the pillar of the taula is on top of a base stone. Very close to the taula, the remains of two houses can be seen, one circular and the other without constructive limits.

The third interesting element is the hypostyle hall, which is situated to the east of the talayot ​​and retains part of its roof. To the north of the talayot ​​we can see many structures carved into the rock, a wall of nine metres with large stones or three rooms with curved walls.

Another of Binissafullet’s curiosities is that during the excavation in 1990, interesting information came to light about the way they worshipped. For example, they consumed wine as Punic amphorae were found that had been intentionally broken.  Also they ate sheep and kid as the bones had been accumulated by the side of the pillars. The recovered remains from the archaeological excavations are preserved in the Museum of Menorca.

Municipality: Sant Lluís

Ownership: Consell Insular de Menorca

Visits: Free access

Parking: No car park