The flower festival returns: Mao + Flors

From the 18thto 20thMay, Mahon will once again literally be covered in flowers for the 11thyear running.  During four days more than 50 cultural events and almost 80 areas, both public and private, will be decorated turning the town into a festival of flowers, artistic creativity and colour.  This date has become a must in the calendar for the month of May and every year there are more and more corners of the town that will be transformed.

mao en flors - The flower festival returns: Mao + Flors

Photo: Diari Menorca

Undoubtedly the best way to see this outdoor floral show is to walk the streets of the town centre enjoying the details of the decorated buildings and perhaps taking a photo to be entered in the competition which is run in conjunction with the show.  The Council publishes a practical map each year as a guide to explore every corner of the town from monuments to shop windows who take part in the fiesta.

600 - The flower festival returns: Mao + Flors

Photo: Diari Menorca

These floral fiestas take place in the whole of Spain from the courtyards and balconies of Cordoba, the Temps de Flors Festival in Girona (which has been celebrated for more than 60 years), the May Crosses of Granada to the battle of flowers each August in the coastal town of Laredo, Cantabria.

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