Although it may seem that Menorca’s relationship with the horse is exclusive to its patron saint festivities, the link with the island extends far wider. An example of this is the Trotting Races, a harness trotting competition with a tradition which is found across all the Balearic Islands. Mahón and Ciutadella have two racetracks open all year round, where fans are invited to spend a day at the races. The races are around circular tracks and the horses are not allowed to gallop.  The person in charge of driving the animal sits on a light cart known as a ‘cabriol’, which is harnessed behind the horse. You just have to be there for the start and place a bet on the winner to fully enjoy the spectacle offered at both the Mahón Hippodrome and the Hippodrome of the Torre del Ram in Ciutadella.

sortidacarrera - A day at the races

The race calendar meets practically weekly , from the traditional “Diadas” to the days promoted by the Balearic Federation of Trot as well as the emblematic event on May 1 and includes a total of 336 events. The first one in Mahón, organized by the Horse Riding Society of the Noble Brutus, is on January 1st, as is traditional. In fact, every month there is an event planned regardless of  whether it is summer or winter although the most active months are May, June and August, when night races are scheduled. Undoubtedly, the quality of the Menorcan trotting horses,  a breed mixed from Anglo-Norman mares and pure English, Danish, French and Spanish bloodstock gives them a winning profile which stretches beyond our island and they often get a podium place in national and international championships. By the way, the names with which these noble competitors are given are inspired: Scherzo, Bolide D’Occagnes, Otello, Bloom d’Arlau or the famous Trebol.

entradahipodrommao - A day at the races

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