The largest party in the smallest town

The 1,500 inhabitants of Es Migjorn Gran claim to have the most authentic fiesta in Menorca. The festivities are in honor of San Cristóbal and are celebrated the first weekend of August or the last of July, if July has five weekends. Whether they are the best or not,  we leave to each person to decide, but thanks to the small square being filled with so many party lovers, we can say that they really are  very intense parties.

jaleoesmigjorn1 - The largest party in the smallest town

As in all the jaleos, music plays a special role, especially here because one of the most active and original musical groups in Menorca is the Banda des Migjorn, a group of musicians of all ages whose rhythm will thrill any visitor who has arrived in the village for the first time. Their famous samba has become a rhythmic hit with Brazilian versions in Mediterranean format that will delight anyone. The rest of the year the band performs in auditoriums whose concerts of movie soundtracks are memorable.

FlabiolerMigjorn - The largest party in the smallest town

Finally it is worth noting the “jaleo dels ases” a kind of parody of a bullfight but with disguises and donkeys that run at full speed through the narrow streets of the municipality.  Es Migjorn is always worth visiting, not only for being the home of the Menorcan footwear – the traditional avarcas of the Mibo brand  – but also for its lively fiestas.

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