The new Museum of Menorca

If there is an ideal place to travel through history from its origins to the present time, it is the Museum of Menorca. Situated in the old convent of Sant Francesc de Mao, it is the most important museum on the island.  It has recently been redesigned over an eight month period with an investment of over half a million euros.  The permanent exhibition situated on the first and second floors of the building has been renovated as well as the reception area, temporary rooms, restoration workshop, educational area and a new family room.

Photo: Museo Menorca

But the most interesting part of this transformation is the possibility of literally walking through Menorca’s historical evolution and through the seven topical chronological areas into which the visit has been divided.  With the help of interactive means, audiovisual and educational resources, the visitors can discover the land and rich heritage of Menorca starting with the early history of the first inhabitants to the present day going through the Roman period, the Islamic Menurka, the times of the Christian reconquest and the successive French, British and Spanish dominations as well as other key times.

Among the many cultural assets exhibited are a skull of myotragus (also known as the Balearic Islands cave goat) which has been extinct for 5,000 years, the Roman mosaic of Isla del Rey and the work of the 19thcentury Menorcan painter Pascual I Calbo also a member of the Mahonesa Society renowned for its artistic and intellectual quality.

Photo: Museo Menorca

Since its reopening in July 2018, visitor numbers have grown and more than 20,000 people have passed through its doors.  Before visiting we recommend you check the museum’s programme to see if there is a temporary exhibition which will complement a fantastic family day out.


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