Ciutadella or the day to day beauty

Ciutadella invites us to walk round, over and over again, just to look with open eyes and in contemplation so that a small miracle is produced as we discover splendours given to us without any apparent effort. Ciutadella, the small city, which seems to be referred to in its name, corresponds to us with this generosity, with this gratitude, that makes us feel it is ours, even if we are not from here, as is its images and the life that it gives us beats as one with out soul.

The renewed and never ending experience that Ciutadella offers us however is something indescribable. This is demonstrated by the fact that we never tire of losing ourselves in the labyrinth of streets to see how easy it is to drink in their beauty, and at the same time how difficult it is to express the words, which in vain would unravel its mystery.

What is it about Ciutadella that holds us in its urban network? I would say, above all else it is a city that is alive: a city of people who love it, who look after it, who know it, who can explain details plucked from memory of from more personal reminiscences, which can be heard on the echoes of its writers.

Surely because of this the buildings – from the most humble dwelling to the most noble palace; from the small church of the Saint Christ to the cathedral-, the urban stretch from the narrowest alley-way to the Born Square-and all the city especially the historic centre, are integrated in this collective lifestyle.

(Text extracted from Menorca 100×100 written by Josefina Salord Ripoll)