Travel between islands, cheaper than ever

Since the end of June last year, travelling between the Balearic Islands is cheaper for its residents. Air and boat tickets have a discount of 75% on their fare, a percentage that applies both to air and maritime transport and that has meant a 25% increase compared to the discount that existed previously. Thus, travel from Menorca to Mallorca or Ibiza or vice versa has a discount of 75 percent and as a result, the round trip can cost us 30 euros. The discount for travelling from the islands to mainland Spain remains at 50 percent.

This new measure, designed to extend the current tourist season on the islands, has resulted in good effect this winter with an increase in resident tourists who take advantage of weekends and holidays to visit the neighbouring islands. Minorcans also take advantage of the circumstances to do the same, especially to make shopping trips to Palma.

Palma - Travel between islands, cheaper than ever

In air transport, the only two companies that operate inter-island flights in the Balearic Islands are Air Nostrum and Air Europa, while by sea, the best option is Balearia from the port of Ciutadella with a trip to Alcudia that is covered in approximately three hours.

The next step is to get the same discount for travel to the mainland.



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