Camí de Cavalls: from Son Bou to Cala en Porter

We have a few stages left of the Camí de Cavalls to complete a full circuit of the route that circles the island of Menorca and today we will walk from Son Bou to Cala en Porter, a stretch that is characterized by wetlands and ravines that are found at both ends – west and east.

1vista Son Bou - Camí de Cavalls: from Son Bou to Cala en Porter

The route starts where we left it, near the Early Christian Basilica of Son Bou. For those who missed it in the previous stage, you will have the opportunity to visit this before starting the walk. The path starts with a climb  but leads to an impressive panoramic viewpoint to contemplate Son Bou from a watchtower. Then, the path follows a pronounced descent to sea-level, specifically to Cala Llucalari, a pebbly cove rarely visited.

The Camí de Cavalls continues with a 2 kilometers climb, which will lead us to an area of typically Menorcan landsacape: a mosaic of farmland alternating with areas of wild olive trees. By the way, for those who enjoy archaeology as well as walking, the excursion passes very close to Torre d’en Galmés, the largest Talayotic settlement on the island. It is located further north of the road that crosses the path and without a doubt, it is worth a visit.

After 4.5 kilometers, we begin to descend towards the Cala en Porter ravine, whose walls protect bird nests and rock-dwelling plants, as well as offering protection to the fruit orchards that predominate in the landscape. For a long time, the Menorcans have taken agricultural produce from these fields and their zero kilometer products can be found in markets and restaurants all over the island.

2humedal calan porter - Camí de Cavalls: from Son Bou to Cala en Porter

Almost at the end of the ravine and entering the beach of Cala en Porter, the water of the torrent creates a wetland. The beach of Cala en Porter is another of the wonderful corners of Menorca with white sand, hidden between cliffs and frequently visited during the high season. If the weather suits, it is worth a dip as a final reward for our excursion.

Distance: 8 km

Estimated time with stops at interesting points: 3 hours and a half

Difficulty: Medium

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