Camí de Cavalls: from Cala en Porter to Binisafúller

Little by little, we are reaching the end of the Camí de Cavalls that we have been walking since our blog began. Today’s section crosses the last ravines in the south of the island, entering the flatter area of ​​the east. Although it is one of the longest stretches, it runs along quite flat roads with relatively easy walking. The starting point is in the wetland area of Cala’n Porter, where you can see the vegetation which typically grows in sand, for example : the sea lily. From here you leave the beach and pass a paved area. You ascend to the east by the urbanisation of Cala’n Porter. Following the road, you reach the Calascoves ravine. If you have time, we advise you to go down to the beach at Calascoves and visit the Talayotic necropolis – it is highly recommended. Composed of more than ninety burial caves carved into the cliffs above the sea, one of them, the Cave of Es Jurats, is a sanctuary from the Imperial Roman era. An essential visit as we have already said.

Necrópolis de Cales Coves - Camí de Cavalls: from Cala en Porter to Binisafúller

From Calascoves the road climbs again a little, passing between areas of cultivation and pasture that alternate with the woods of wild olive trees, the typical mosaic landscape of the Menorcan countryside. After three kilometers, we will find the second ravine, Es Canutells. It is a small ravine but its unique elm forest is surprising. At this point, we will almost have travelled half the distance today without much effort.

es canutells - Camí de Cavalls: from Cala en Porter to Binisafúller

Following this section, we will go up to the urbanisation of Es Canutells and continue along the road until we almost reach the road to Binidalí. At this point, the path crosses the Biniparratx ravine and continues across the Menorcan landscape to Binisafuller, where we go back to the car so as to finish up at Es Caló Blanc, a small picture postcard cove with white sand – we described this beach in the blog about the most romantic coves on Menorca.  

Distance: 11.8 km

Estimated time with stops at interesting points: 4 hours and a half

Difficulty: Easy


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