Camí de Cavalls: from Cala Galdana to Sant Tomàs

September is an ideal month to tour the Camí de Cavalls and so we continue with our circular route around Menorca. In the previous section of the walk our route took us between ravines but this time, we will explore the four most popular of the island: Barranc d’Algendar, Barranc de Trebalúger, Barranc d’Albranca and Barranc de Binigaus. In this excursion, the ravines take us into the quiet interior of the island, but you can also follow a part of a coastal path that reveals the coastal landscape and takes you to the paradisiacal coves of Trebalúger, Escorxada and Fustam, three Minorcan corners that are just as beautiful as Turqueta or Macarella.

Starting at the top of the urbanization of Cala Galdana you walk down for about 1.5 kilometers until you reach Cala Mitjana. From here, the path leaves the coast and enters woodland and fields. To return to sea level there is a drop of 60 meters in the Trebalúger barranc.

Cala Mitjana - Camí de Cavalls: from Cala Galdana to Sant Tomàs

Cala Mitjana

After the ravine, we cross a small hill of about 20 meters and then, you will begin the steepest climb of the whole route, reaching up to 90 meters of altitude. Here, you will find low marine vegetation and it feels as though you are on a small plateau. Then the path descends for almost 8 kilometers, until it climbs again for about 40 meters. From here, you will continue downhill until arriving at the coast again at Binigaus beach, where we suggest that a swim will refresh you. After recovering your strength, you can climb the Binigaus ravine and visit the caves that surround it. The most famous of all is the cave des Coloms, a large cave which you can enter without danger or the Na Polida cave.

cova coloms - Camí de Cavalls: from Cala Galdana to Sant Tomàs

Cova des Coloms

This section of the Camí de Cavalls ends at the entrance of the urbanization of Sant Tomàs, just in front of a chiringuito called Es Bruc, where it is ideal to sit and contemplate the views and even take a fresh beer . A perfect excursion!

Distance: 10.8 km

Estimated time with stops at interesting points: 4 and a half hours

Difficulty: medium

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